Ffion Bellerby

Hi Charl,

I just wanted to show you my progress as I didn’t realise how much I had changed since starting your classes! It’s only now when I’ve looked back at me before I’ve noticed the difference it had made! Just wanted to say thanks to you and all the other instructors because it wouldn’t have happened without the classes it’s the only fitness I’ve ever stuck to! Thank you xx

Maria Nicholas

Hi Charlotte , I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the classes . I was unfit ,overweight and so nervous coming to my first class , for the first few weeks I only did beginners then tried a Saturday aswell and last week I did 7 , absolutely loving it !

I have gone from a size 16/18 to size 12/14 , I have lost 1 and a half stone , the only other thing I am doing is cutting out sugar and white carbs .
I had a shock myself a couple of days ago as a client came in with a photo of me that was taken on July 6th when I did her wedding makeup , I have just taken one now too so you can see the difference in such a short time . So many of my clients have noticed the difference and there are 4 of them coming to classes now too 🙂
All of you instructors are fab , sometimes I chuckle to myself as I can hear in my head “ stay down ,down “ “ songs not over “ “ pump pump “ , I have definitely caught the Rika bug !

Thankyou to all of you xx

Kyla Rowland

When I joined Rika in July 2018, I fell in love straight away. I will honestly say that I never thought I’d enjoy exercise as much as I do now. It’s definitely helped me keep the weight off that I lost when I joined slimming world and I have toned up and changed shape so much as a result of these classes. I can’t imagine my life without it now. The instructors are all amazing and make you feel so welcomed. Love our Rika family. 

Sophie Rees

I always wanted to do Rikashake right from the start as soon as it came to Neyland but was suffering from severe whiplash from a car accident! Physio really didn’t help at all for the injury but Rikashake did! I hardly suffer anymore and been signed off from seeing the consultant and physio therapist! I started Rikashake in July 2018 and fell in love with it! Started going to 1 class a week and now I’m doing 7-8 a week! Very addictive!! All the instructors are all lovely, push you and help you to achieve the goals that you want! Since starting back in July I’ve nearly lost 3 stone! Not just helping me lose weight, it’s improved my mental health soo much! I never get anxiety about going to classes anymore which is huge for me as I know that everyone is soo lovely and welcoming and you won’t get judged!  I’ve never loved a fitness class so much!! Aspire Fitness classes have changed my life ❣️

Sam Falzon

Love love love RikaShake. Charlotte drives you and makes everyone welcome. 

Sarah McCarthy

Love Aspire Fitness’ sessions. Been attending since August 2017 and lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of strength and confidence. 

Jess Hanney

Absolutely fab classes. RikaShake and HIIT. Charl pushes you in a fun way. 5* and would definitely recommend. 

Lucy Gray

Different workout each time. Hard but good fun. Friendly coaches who adapt each workout to your individual strengths and abilities. 

Heidi Moseley

Never felt so alive the support is amazing and there’s something for everyone no matter what your fitness level. I’m loving it. 

Deborah Jones

Rika classes are fab. Charlotte has made a fitness class fun. Hard work but only being 30 minutes you know you can keep going. 

Gillian Heath

Absolutely love Aspire Fitness’ classes. Been going for 12 months now and dropped 2 dress sizes already. Twice a week just isn’t enough. Charlotte encourages hard work and healthy eating and is eager to help in any way she can. 

Tracy Chandra

Very professional, good support and excellent class. I have suffered with my back and so far so good. Love it. Something different. 

Eleri Buck

Charlotte’s such a lovely person, so I didn’t feel nervous at all to try out one of her new classes. The Rika classes are brilliant, it’s finally got me back to doing exercise again after a long time off. Thank you. 

Jessie Jones

Absolutely LOVE your classes Charl. You really push me and make it fun too. Also it’s nice to have classes early morning as I work a lot of evenings! So it’s perfect. Thank you. 

Pauline Morrissey

Charlotte has found a unique, novel and fun way for people of all ages to exercise in half an hour and to soon show great results. I would recommend to anyone who is not keen on conventional exercise classes. 

Lucy Johnstone

Love these classes. Both RikaShake and Flex. Lovely bunch of girls. Before I started these classes I couldn’t run and now I am up to running over 9 miles and have signed up to a half marathon. I don’t think I could be without Rika in my life now. 

Charlotte Beare

I’ve never enjoyed exercise so much. I do RikaFlex which I find really good. I’ve had a knee replacement and find I am able to manage this as you can choose the weights you use. A great group of ladies, we laugh from start to finish. I have always struggled with my weight but this has really given me a push to exercise. I’ve been doing it for about 3 months now and can really see a difference in my shape. 

Joanne Charles

I have been trying to lose weight since forever!
My biggest struggle with weight loss started in 2014 when 8 weeks after the birth of my first child, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
I was never into fitness, but in 2014 I met Charlotte for the first time via Aspire fitness, boot camp. I really enjoyed the classes but struggled due to my Thyroid illness, baby number 2 came along and since then I have tried all sorts of things to lose weight.
In 2017, Charlotte contacted me and said her new class was a must and to come and check it out!  Intrigued, I did and I was hooked!! I was addicted to RikaShake and even found myself setting an alarm for 6am, an absolute first!
The routine based, 30 minute class was everything I needed.
Since joining RikaShake, I’ve been able to lose weight, learn about fitness and healthy eating and it has helped raise my self esteem.
RikaShake has changed my life in so many ways, I have reached a weight I feel comfortable with, I feel more energised and I feel more confident.
In October 2018 I became a RikaShake instructor. I get to share my journey with so many amazing people, and to encourage, teach and share so many journeys too.
I feel greatful to be apart of such an amazing team and Rika
If you love music, dancing or better still bouncing and a great sweat fest, then RikaShake IS FOR YOU!

Vanessa Saies

It’s the most amazing form of exercise I have ever done. It’s fun, exciting and most of all keeps those dreaded pounds off . I have lost a stone as a result of these classes and healthy eating . Also a very friendly group.

Lynn Childs

I started Rikashake and Flex in August 2018 after having done very little exercise ever in my life. I was quite nervous due to my poor level of fitness. I shouldn’t have been. Everyone is so welcoming. There are people of all different fitness levels attending and no one judges you at all. I wish I had taken photos and measurements of myself before I began classes as I have changed massively. I have lost 1 1/2 stone, toned up all over and feel so much fitter. I can now run up steps without having to stop or feel out breath. My aching joints have eased – my hips and back used to wake me up every night, but not anymore ! I have gone from attending one class a week to 4-5 classes weekly. I would recommend Aspire Fitness classes to everyone. You do not need to be flexible. You can do a routine on a rebounder  (really not as scary as you think it will be !) or use dumbbells with different routines to music. You get loads of support from all of the fabulous instructors and also from Charlotte Neill . The other people attending quickly become friends who also then help to support and encourage you.

Louise Bellerby

I can’t even begin to describe how becoming part of the Rika family has transformed my life, both physically and mentally.

Starting with very few classes a week then upping them in recent months I have lost a total of 3 stone in the past year and a half. This is partly down to my own efforts through plucking up courage to attend classes and eating a balanced diet but the support and encouragement shown by ALL instructors have a huge part to play in my transformation so far. There has not been a single class where I haven’t felt pushed and the instructors passion and determination to see their clients succeed inspires me to continue with my journey.

If you’re looking for a class where you feel most comfortable, have a laugh, meet new people and you leave feeling absolutely exhausted but on top of the world, then Rika is for you! 

Abbie Peace

Since starting Aspire Fitness nearly two years ago, doing Rikashake, Rikaflex and HIIT classes I feel so much better in myself. I have found something I love to do, which never happens to me. I have never stuck at any kind of exercise or any classes like I have with Aspire Fitnsss and as a result my body shape has changed completely and I’m aiming to transform even more this year.

I can’t thank the team at Aspire Fitness enough; the instructors are amazing and push you that extra mile all the time. Anything you need help with, whether it’s down to changing a certain exercise for you, answering questions about food intake, anything at all, they are there for you. They have a cracking bunch of girls who attend the classes and that makes you feel even more comfortable and good and we all keep each other going and bounce of each other, always a laugh, which makes exercising so much easier. They are the best fitness classes I have attended and I feel amazing!

Lucy Gardiner

Aspire fitness has completely changed my outlook on life! Can remember walking in the gym doors for the first time to try rika and left not sure whether I’d go back but I did and the rest is history! I now eat, sleep and breath rika shake and rika flex, even being awarded with a certificate for ‘most rika obsessed woman’! I’ve never trained with a nicer group of girls, so friendly, never judgmental just always there to help and support each other along the way! Never did I think I would become an instructor but here I am doing just that and loving every second but really couldn’t of done it without the support of everyone that’s a part of aspire! Thankyou for believing in me!!!

Sheila Ashworth

I would recommend Rika. It is so friendly and no one judges your age, size or fitness levels, even though I may be one of the oldies. It is like keeping fit with one massive fantastic family. I personally have lost 18lbs and lots of inches with a combination of diet and Rikka. My fitness levels have increased so much and I feel amazing. After starting at one session per week I’m now up to 5 per week. Well done to Charlotte and all the instructors who make us all feel at ease and incredible.

Tessa Charles

Honestly, I am beyond grateful for starting Rika, I was a bit reluctant to start as I always found the gym uncomfortable but after lots of persuading by millie, I went to that first class and have never looked back. I honestly love the classes. Thank you again for everything everyone at Aspire Fitness has done – I couldn’t of done it without you all.

Amy King

I love that the classes are fun. I don’t believe I would exercise without them as I get so bored at the gym! 60 days of attending regular classes at Aspire Fitness and I achieved amazing results.

The only reason I ever contemplate getting up at 5:30am. Also the only reason I don’t mind sweating buckets