Charlotte Neill

Finding out we were pregnant….

March 21, 2019

So finding out we were pregnant has got to be up there with one of the most amazing feelings we’ve ever experienced together. That little stick has a lot to answer for 😂 I rememeber the day so well because we had really heavy snow in Pembrokeshire which very rarely happens. I felt a bit funny going to bed and somehow just had a feeling that something was changing. I woke the next morning and went straight to the bathroom and took the test without telling my Robbie who was downstairs making breakfast without a care in the world. I remember seeing this thick line and having to read the instructions over and over again just in case I was seeing things. IT WAS POSITIVE!! I went downstairs and shouted to my Robbie to come and see something. I asked him if he was ready for what I was about to tell him and then I think I jumped up and down while telling him for what felt like an age. He couldn’t believe it and we spent a few minutes just staring at each other taking it all in. Even though it was very clearly positive, I wanted to be sure so sent Robbie out in the snow to get another couple of tests. And there it was…. 3 tests confirming what we were so hoping for. We were having a baby!! I just couldn’t wait to tell our nearest and dearest, it felt like waking up as a child on Christmas morning x 10. The emotions that run through your body in that moment, from pure happiness and excitement, to surprise and fear. Suddenly, it took over our minds and our whole lives revolved around making sure we were ready to become parents and welcome a tiny little human into our world. And so the journey begins.

To be continued….

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Charl xoxo

Charlotte Neill
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