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The beginning….

March 20, 2019


Welcome to my blog. I wanted to create a space where I could share some real truths about myself and the experiences in my life, in the hope that someone reading may be able to relate and find the information useful in their lives.

Let me first introduce myself to those that are yet to get to know me. My name is Charlotte Neill and I am a daughter, a wife, the owner of two fur babies, a new Mummy and the founder of Aspire Fitness Wales. I have the most amazing family and friends around me, and am a strong believer in karma. What you give out you will receive. Myself and my husband Rob became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy Archie in October 2018.

Now let me take you back to where my fitness journey started…

I have always had a passion for health and fitness; from a young age I played sport and I fell in love with the feeling it gave me during and after. Not just that, but the social side of fitness, being surrounded by people with a common interest who want to work together to bring out the best in each other to succeed.

Taking PE for GCSE many years ago now and being lucky enough to have two brilliant, passionate teachers, was what really ignited my love for sport and led to me wanting to be a PE teacher. I went on to complete an A level in PE and also achieved a 2:1 BA Hons Sport and Physical Education degree at Cardiff Met Uni in 2012. Having then got a job as a teaching assistant in a local secondary school, I applied for a place on the PGCE course to pursue my dream career (or so I thought) as a PE teacher. However, after spending a year working in the school, I decided that becoming a PE teacher was not what I wanted to do anymore, but knew I still wanted to have a career in health and fitness. This was when I did my Level 3 personal training and started Aspire Fitness in 2013.

This was when the hard work started. Still working full time in the school, I built up a small part time fitness business, running classes in the mornings and evenings. This continued for the next few years and I was just loving being in front of a group of people who wanted my help to improve their own health and fitness.

Fast forward to 2017 with many ups and downs on the way, and many moments of doubt in my own ability, I knew I needed to find something new. Something that had not been done before in Pembrokeshire. This was when I discovered RikaSystemz.

I saw the owners of RikaSystemz doing a demonstration of one of their classes called Rikashake (a 30 minute high intensity class on a rebounder) at the Body Power Show in Birmingham. I remember thinking, “oh my gosh, I NEED to do this.” Their energy was electric and I started to feel this fire in my belly. I decided on that day that I was going to go for it. I bought a Franchise that week and have not looked back since. Having never ever been on a rebounder myself, it was a daunting prospect that soon I would have to be in front of a class full of people looking like I knew what I was doing. But with a lot of practise and dedication, it soon became second nature and I was well and truly addicted.

Rikashake continued to grow and I then introduced Rikaflex (a 30 minute strength and toning class using hand weights) which gave my clients the variety that they needed.

We continue to grow and we have created the most amazing community where women of all ages, abilities and sizes feel comfortable coming to exercise, surrounded by women who build each other up and celebrate each others success.

The future is bright for Aspire Fitness and we would love to welcome you into our RikaFam.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Charlotte xoxo

Charlotte Neill
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